Structural Engineering Internship

We are looking for Structural Engineering Intern

Core Responsibilities:

  • Work within our custom truss design and engineering software.
  • Collaborate across multiple engineering teams in locations across the US.
  • Utilize engineering knowledge and workflow to better understand and define engineering activities.

Expected Learnings:

  • Basic understating of roof and floor trusses for residential construction.
  • Proper loading and understating of commercial and residential prefabricated trusses.
  • Workflow understanding of engineering processes.
  • Typical construction practices and types of prefabricated trusses.


  • Rising Senior
  • Established progression through an accredited Structural Engineering program.
  • An interest in residential and small to mid-sized commercial construction.
  • Ability to adapt to different learning styles and platforms.
  • Proficiency in MS Suite of products including PowerPoint and Excel.
  • Desire to become a certified Professional Engineer.
  • Openminded and willingness to learn.

Location: NSW, Australia

Why Should You Apply?

You will benefit with:

  • 3 months of unpaid internship in a reputable company
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: If you are not given meaningful and relevant job duties, we will find a replacement internship.
  • High Internship to Job opportunity: A chance to prove your skills to a potential employer with high chance of job offer.
  • No placement, no fees: A reasonable fee charged only once the internship placement is confirmed.

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