Cor Cordis


Daniel Girvin – Senior

6:00 am

My alarm goes off in the hopes of getting up early and going for a run around the Botanical Gardens. This idea is quickly nipped in the bud when I realise that it’s cold and rainy – 30 more minutes of sleep sounded better anyway. I get on the train just after 7:30am and arrive at the office around 8:15am so that I can settle in.

8:30 am

I get myself a coffee and a piece of fruit from the kitchen – I am now ready to start the day. I begin by checking my emails and replying to any that I may have missed from the day prior. I received an important email during the night from one of the partners about a potential new job coming in. I complete all the necessary searches on the company so that I can prepare for the new appointment. 

9:30 am

There hasn’t been much word on the new job, but since appointments can happen quite suddenly, I stay on my toes. I continue writing a report that I have been working on for the past week. As ASIC requires a copy within the next five days, this is on the top of my to-do list.

Cor Cordis

11:00 am

I stop by one of my colleagues’ desks to chat about the recent CA exam and to organise when to meet up for a study session, but the conversation tails off to the NBA games taking place today. We decide that we will catch the last quarter of the Lakers game over lunch – organising a study session can wait till then. 

12 noon

We have our biweekly team meeting in 30 minutes. I prepare by going through all the current jobs that our team are working on at the moment and update the team’s status report with current outstanding tasks. I review what I have completed over the last week and update what still needs to be completed in the immediate future. 

12:15 pm

The time has come: the new job has come in – looks like I won’t be watching the basketball over lunch. It’s time to get ready, so I grab a quick bite to eat as we need to get out on site as soon as possible. I grab my laptop, collect an assortment of stationery and load it into my compendium – I’m ready for action. The team meeting will have to wait until next week. 

1:00 pm

The appointment is for a large manufacturer. Their office is a 30-minute drive from the CBD. The first thing for us to do is to talk to the employees and to explain what is going to happen. I observe as one of our firm’s directors inform the employees that the company will continue to trade for the time being. The employees were overwhelmed and confused, but all their questions are answered.  

3:00 pm

We have settled into the company’s office. I have been put in charge of gathering all the employee information so we can continue to pay everyone’s wages and entitlements as normal. I spend a bit of time sifting through some old manilla folders with all the employee information in them and load them all into a bag so I can scan them when I’m back in the office. 

5:00 pm

It’s been a long day, and everyone begins to leave the site. A few of our more senior staff stay behind to make sure everything can run smoothly over the next few days. I have collected all the information I need and call myself an Uber. 

6:30 pm

Home at last! Time to think about going for a run to make up for this morning, I decide I’ll just go for a longer run tomorrow morning. I’ve got a CA online exam next week, so I knock out an hours’ worth of study so I can be as best prepared as possible. I finally cook some dinner and watch some Netflix, it’s the perfect way to unwind after a long day.