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Company Overview

Power your possibilities at Quantium

Quantium is a global leader in the application of data analytics and engineering, helping our clients solve their most important problems using data. We have a track record of innovation and combining the best of human and artificial intelligence to power possibilities for individuals, organisations and society and we're proud of it!

What makes us special?

At Quantium, you'll join a diverse global and local team of experts that spans actuaries, statisticians, data scientists, product leaders, strategy consultants, software engineers, delivery managers, industry experts, designers, and futurists - all dedicated to harnessing the power of data to drive transformational outcomes.

Our Values = Quantium DNA

Our Quantium DNA is who we are and it is embedded in everything we do.


Our Culture

Ways of working

We are proud supporters of flexible working and encourage a hybrid approach, where some days you might come to the office and other days you'd be working from home. This gives the best of both worlds and helps you connect with others socially in the office, at lunch or over drinks after work.

Diversity & Inclusion

D&I at Quantium is about making sure everyone feels that sense of belonging we all strive for. We have four Communities; Women, LGBTIQ+, Culture and Wellbeing. These Communities partner with decision makers and policy writers in our business to raise awareness, bring teams together through events and ensure we're doing everything we can to support our global workforce.

Culture, Growth and Social Stuff

Work is more than just your time behind a computer. We want to make the Quantium experience exceptional, and our Sparq program is all about continually evolving our culture and fueling connection. There are lots of regular events, experiences, opportunities to collaborate, foster wellbeing and balance and build exceptional careers.

What's in store for 2023 and 2024?

Leadership and learning programs, events, knowledge shares, classes (like cooking, poker and painting!), new career development pathways, and the ability to move within Quantium to ensure you never stop growing. Plus, we have three annual events on our annual calendar we all look forward to: our 'Quantium Day' birthday which is a two-day celebration away all together; our annual Strategy Day to celebrate our achievements and set the next years; strategy, and our family friendly Christmas Party.

Application Process

  1. Submit your application via GradConnection

    Tell us all about yourself!

  2. Complete the online technical quiz

    Analysts, get data savvy!
    Engineers, get tech savvy!
    Complete the quiz within 48 hours of invitation.

  3. Video interview with the Graduate Recruitment Team

    Your time to shine in a behavioural and motivational interview!

  4. Virtual technical interview

    Analyst: 1.5 hour case study interview with an analytics team member
    Engineer: 30 minute interview with members from the engineering team

Here are Mic’s tips and tricks:

  1. Submitting your application
    • Make sure to put which month and year you anticipate you'll complete your studies - this helps us identify if you're eligible for the program
    • Make sure to proof read your cover letter and ask someone else to read it too. We've seen many cover letters who have spelt Quantium incorrectly (or have a completely different organisation name altogether)
  2. Online quiz
    • Please check your spam. We do use a third party tool to send you a link to the quiz, and sometimes it ends up in your spam.
    • Read the questions carefully
    • For analysts - use a calculator if you need
    • It's multiple choice
  3. Video Interview
    • Do your research into Quantium, what we do and who we work with
    • Understand the STAR methodology and apply it to the relevant questions asked
    • Be yourself, be genuine
  4. Final interview
    • This is a technical interview but you will not be required to code on the spot. Explain to us how you got to your solution. Tell us what you're thinking and your reasoning. We want to know how you problem solve.

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