We can help you get over your frustration due to the paradoxical situation: “You need a job to get experience and you need the experience to get a job.” Most employers want to hire candidates with work experience who can hit the ground running. If you want to secure that job you desperately want and deserve, you must gain the relevant work experience you need, and market your skills to potential employers directly. Our internship program will help you enter the door of a potential employer by bypassing the tough competition in the job market.

How does Professional Internship Program work?

You will be placed in a reputable host company for 12 weeks of supervised work experience, where you will get a precious opportunity to: 

  • gain professional work experience and on-the-job-training, 
  • be familiar with the Australian work culture and industry practices, 
  • gain confidence and industry knowledge required to hit the job market with a competitive advantage, and 
  • prove your worth to a potential employer to secure a job offer. 

Will the internship be paid or unpaid?

Unfortunately, most of the internships are unpaid. However, if you possess some relevant Australian work experience already, you may be able to persuade the host company during the interview that you are the best person for the job and hence secure a paid internship. In case of not having any relevant Australian work experience, your internship will be unpaid, but you may receive an allowance or prize money at the end of your tenure. During your time with the company, you have the opportunity to prove your worth and secure a job offer.

Can I claim academic credits?

If you want the work experience gained during the internship to meet the academic credits, we can customise our internship program to meet your specific academic requirements. We will ensure that you receive the on-the-job training compatible with your course objectives. 

Why should I do an internship through STUDY AND WORK?

  • We provide internships with a satisfaction guarantee, which means, we will organise a replacement internship if your host company is unable to provide meaningful and relevant work experience that benefits you. 
  • We will try our best to convince the host company to offer you a paid job if you are productive during the internship. Note that almost 50% of our interns get a paid job offer from host companies.
  • We have placed more than 5,000 interns in over 2,000 host companies since 2007, with 99% of interns pleased with our customer service and quality of internship. Please check out our Google reviews at: https://goo.gl/bwahJc

What are the major benefits of the Professional Internship Program?

  • Meaningful work experience guaranteed for 12 weeks.
  • Interview opportunities to assess the quality of the host company and internship role before accepting the offer.
  • Internship agreement with structured training plan outlining meaningful and relevant job duties.
  • Reputable Australian and multinational host companies from various industries.
  • Mid and final performance appraisals by the supervisor to ascertain that you are learning and progressing on the job.
  • Options to work 3, 4, or 5 days per week so you can balance internship with your study or work commitments.
  • Job placement assistance after internship through our Graduate Placement Program.
  • Work experience insurance cover for peace of mind.
  • Compliance with Fair Work Ombudsman’s guidelines for an internship to ascertain that you are the one benefiting the most from the internship, not your host company. 

How much does it cost?

Unlike most other internship providers, we do not charge any fees to the interns, if possible. We charge a reasonable program fee for guaranteed placements only, which is payable only when you accept the internship offer given by the host company. We provide quality internships with a satisfaction guarantee at the lowest price possible and it can be as low as free!

  • General Unpaid Internship (Placement Guaranteed)    $1,750 
  • Engineering Unpaid Internship (Placement Guaranteed)    $2,000
  • Paid Internship (Placement Guaranteed)    $2,900
  • Unpaid/Paid Internship (Compete for Placement)    $0

What kind of host companies will I be working with?

You will be placed in quality host companies from diverse industries. They could be small to medium enterprises to large multinationals, that are committed to providing a supportive learning environment to the interns to make a difference and try them out for further employment.

Where can I do the internship?

We have many exciting internship opportunities available throughout Australia:

  • Sydney, 
  • Melbourne, 
  • Brisbane, 
  • Perth, 
  • Canberra, 
  • Adelaide, 
  • Hobart, and 
  • regional cities.

Is it possible to do an internship remotely?

We also have remote internships available if you cannot attend the workplace. Remote internships can be done from anywhere in the world with the help of online collaboration platforms like Zoom and Slack.

Are internships available in my field of study?

We have internship opportunities available in most fields of study: 

  • Accounting, 
  • Administration,
  • Finance, 
  • Marketing and Communication, 
  • Human Resources, 
  • Digital Marketing,
  • Supply Chain Management,
  • Information Technology Support and Operations, 
  • Web Development and Design,
  • Software Programming,
  • Software Testing,
  • Data Analysis,
  • Cloud Computing,
  • Project Management,
  • UX/UI,
  • Salesforce Administration and Development
  • Civil Engineering,
  • Mechanical Engineering,
  • Mechatronics Engineering,
  • Chemical Engineering,
  • Electrical Engineering,
  • Environmental Engineering,
  • Architecture and Design,
  • Legal,
  • Hospitality,
  • Event Management,
  • And more.

How can I start?

You can start an internship or graduate placement program at any time of the year. Please visit our website for detailed information and apply online. You are welcome to contact us on 1300 79 80 69 to discuss your career aspirations and explore the opportunities we have on offer.