You’ll be supported during the selection process, just as you would be as a member of the team. We’re rigorous in our selection, but the process is something we expect you’ll find as enjoyable as it is challenging. Based on the position you apply for, you’ll complete some of the pre-screening activities and steps below.

  1. Our online tests are designed to remove biases. You’ll be invited to play a set of games, which measure cognitive, social and behavioural traits. 
  2. Our screening interviews are an efficient way for you to share some key information with us. We may ask you to be available for a phone interview or answer some questions via a recorded video.
  3. Our face-to-face interviews help you to get to know us and us get to know you. The interview covers a range of topics and often references our leadership capabilities – to see whether our offering matches your needs. It’s a two-way street and an excellent chance for you to meet our leaders and ask questions, ensuring that we’re the right choice for you.
  4. Our assessment centre is designed to show you the role in action, while helping you to see what differences you can bring to BAT. We look forward to seeing how you tackle a real-life immersive situation and achieve great results, both in a group and individually.