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Regional Partner Success Team Manager (APAC), Receipt Bank

We placed Lauren at Receipt Bank in July 2017 and she’s now Regional Partner Success Team Manager (APAC) at Receipt Bank.

Lauren came to us in 2017, unsure about what career path she’d like to follow. After speaking with Lauren and taking the time to understand her unique interests, personality, values and job requirements, we hand-picked a selection of roles that we knew she would thrive in. We recommended that Lauren go away and do some research to help narrow the roles down, for example by looking into online reviews and social media channels. One of the roles particularly resonated with Lauren; Relationship Manager at Receipt Bank, a marketing leading product in the FinTech industry.  

We knew Lauren was the perfect candidate for the role and helped guide her throughout the whole process.   

“Give A Grad A Go were able to sit down with me and really prepare me for the interview. They showcased success stories of grads from the company, which inspired me and made me want to be a future role model for grads too! I was able to get insights into who I was going to be interviewed by and their journey at Receipt Bank as well. Scope for growth and opportunity should always be a determining factor in your job hunt and Give A Grad A Go really bring this to life in a candidate relevant way.”  

Within just a one-week turn-around from initial shortlist to offer, Lauren was successful and offered the job at Receipt Bank.   

“Unlike other recruitment experiences, I never felt pressured or that I was being shoehorned into a role or company that I wasn’t a perfect fit for. The process was swift and pain free and I felt completely supported throughout. The team were always available via phone and email and constantly kept me in the loop about progress and interview feedback.” 

Having excelled from day one in her new job, Lauren was given the opportunity to move to another area of the Partner Success team. After gaining a wide understanding of the workings of this team, a year and a half into her Receipt Bank journey, Lauren was promoted to Partner Success Team Lead.   

“Having worked in various divisions of the Partner Success team, I was in a good position to be able to provide training in all areas. What was meant to be a 4-week project turned into a permanent offer to move and become the Partner Success Team Lead.”

Continuing to thrive, just over a year later Lauren was then offered a fantastic opportunity to manage the entire Partner Success Team across Asia Specific.  

“Over 3 years, 4 roles and 2 countries later, I am still with the company that Give A Grad A Go helped placed me in and I will be forever indebted to them for helping me catapult my career straight out of university. It’s been a fantastic journey so far and I’m excited for what the future holds.”

It has been an absolute delight for us to hear about Lauren’s progression and we can’t wait to see what she conquers next.