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Company Overview

Key data about the Mazars organisation worldwide

Who are we?

Independent-minded professionals eager to serve economic and social development, locally and globally.

Whom do we serve?

The business community as a whole: global and large corporates, listed or not, small and medium enterprises, public sector entities and individuals.

For which benefits?

As advisors and auditors, we foster state of the art accountability, efficient and agile structures and organizations, enhanced performance and creation of long-term value.

How do we differentiate ourselves?

We provide innovative, tailored and global solutions to our clients in a market that is too conservative and either too fragmented (for SMEs) or too concentrated (for large corporates).

How do we deliver?

Combining the reliability of methodologies inspired from the most advanced auditing and advisory techniques with our capacity to co-construct and think « out of the box » and with intrinsic sense of personal responsibility and responsiveness.

How are we organized?

As a global partnership: people centric, participative, transparent and multidisciplinary with expertise backed by experience.

What are our fundamentals?

  • Entrepreneurship and team spirit
  • Long-term vision and flexibility
  • Enthusiasm and robustness

What is our driving force?

Passion to build and pass the baton to the future generations.

What we believe in?

A multipolar world prospering from diversity (cultural, intellectual, professional…).

What do we like?

  • Common sense rather than pre-established models.
  • Openness rather than the beaten track.

Jobs and Opportunities

Trainee Accountant CA(SA) - Cape Town 2024
Graduate JobsCape Town (South Africa)

3-year SAICA training contracts are available to graduates and postgraduates who have completed an Accounting/Auditing degree at a SAICA-accredited university....

Trainee Accountant CA(SA) - Durban 2023
Graduate JobsKwaZulu-Natal (South Africa)

We are committed to training the future generation of Chartered Accountants in South Africa by equipping you with the knowledge and skill in becoming a well-rounded audit professional....

When do we hire?

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